The treatment sessions

Les séances

Inductive physiotherapy is an active treatment. Commitment from the patient is a prerequisite and will influence the success of the session. Even though these one-to-one sessions rarely involve intense postures (and are never painful), a high level of sustained attention is required.
There are no age limits.
Each session lasts for between 30 and 60 minutes, and is adapted to suit the patient and the treatment stage. Immediately after a session, patients often report feeling hungry, cold or tired.
Sporadic pain – a “rebound effect” – is not unusual in the first couple of days after a session.
In France, each session usually includes a medical procedure that is reimbursed by the social security system (if part of a prescribed treatment) and a non-reimbursed procedure (the price of which is set by the practitioner).
The treatment begins with an “attack phase” based on weekly sessions. Once the first improvements have appeared, the sessions can take place every two weeks and then then every three weeks. Once the treatment goal has been reached, patients often request a maintenance phase (designed to ensure that the results are long-lasting). This consists of a session every 4 to 8 weeks.
This are no home-based exercises to be performed between sessions. The only lifestyle recommendations are to avoid sleeping on one’s stomach and to walk for half an hour every day.